Getting started

Steps to set up
  1. Install Live HTML Validator for: Google Chrome or Firefox (not yet available)

  2. Set up your tool:

Browser plugin API


Validation of HTML can be performed without reloading or after reloading the browser page, but the connection to the server must be established in any case if you use «Auto validation».

The server requires use the WebSocket protocol.
Client (browser plugin)
When the server is started and the connection is established with the browser plugin, the following requests can be used on the server.

Request data


    action: value,

actionrequiredStringThis value validation_html - for live HTML validation. You need to enable the "Auto validation" switch in the browser plugin settings.


Live HTML validation of browser page

  const data = {
    action: 'validation_html'

  // client.send(JSON.stringify(data));